Endpoint Security Cloud product by Seqrite allows small, medium and large-sized corporations to manage the security of their systems and operations from the cloud-based console.

Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud is a comprehensive digital solution to all your data security requirements. Our cloud-based endpoint security system does not require any hardware installation and provides complete security via Advanced Device Control, DLP, Asset Management, etc.

Seqrite’s all-inclusive cloud-based endpoint security tool is designed to be extremely user-friendly and does not need the technical expertise of a dedicated IT admin to operate. It greatly simplifies operations and is therefore ideal for small businesses as well.

Deploy Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud solution today for 360-degree protection of your critical business operations from the menace of cyber threats.

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  • Comprehensive Cloud-based endpoint security and control.
  • Seqrite’s endpoint security cloud system integrates innovative technologies to protect your data from advanced threats at different levels.
  • Our cloud-based endpoint security tool requires minimal technical expertise to operate.
  • Seqrite endpoint security cloud features a user-friendly interface for monitoring, configuring and managing systems in the network.

By scanning known vulnerabilities of applications and operating systems, this feature allows users to update necessary security patches.

Seqrite Active Directory Tool helps you do a bulk installation of Seqrite clients within your domain network by Active Directory Integration.

Our cloud-based endpoint security system offers malware protection verified by leading certification organisations.

Seqrite’s endpoint security cloud solution protects your data from ransomware attacks and automatically takes the backup of files.

Seqrite endpoint security cloud solution detects malicious network activities to exploit application vulnerabilities and blocks intruder attempts.

Our product monitors inbound and outbound network traffic based on rules.

The Seqrite security tool blocks phishing sites that try to steal your security passwords and other confidential details about your organisation.

Our comprehensive endpoint security cloud system blocks malicious sites.

Cloud based administration with graphical dashboard, group and policy management, email notification, easy deployment.

Administrators can define user groups based on the hierarchy within the organization and set flexible policies as per situational requirements.

Schedule time-based internet access with Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud system.

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